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Alexis Thurston is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of the innovative lifestyle brand Danger Jones.  She stands at the forefront of the beauty industry with her unique abilities as a stylist, a salon owner, an entrepreneur, and a beauty industry disrupter.

Danger Jones seamlessly blends beauty, fashion, and media, and has rapidly become a trailblazer. It's the first independent professional color brand to launch within North America's largest distributor, with distribution in over 1400 stores across Cosmo Prof, Armstrong McCall, and Modern Beauty. In its first 9 months, Danger Jones expanded to 23 countries through elite distribution partners.


Previously, Alexis co-founded the professional color brand, Pulp Riot, and played a pivotal role in its rapid 5-year growth which led to an acquisition by L’Oreal in 2018.  Alexis continued her role spearheading product creation for 3 years post-acquisition, contributing to the development of more than 200 products.  

Alexis, a hairstylist with a 30-year legacy, is also the owner of Butterfly Loft Salon

a globally recognized hub influencing hair trends and serving as the creative center for Danger Jones products.  Her entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond Danger Jones, as she advocates for equal opportunities for women in the beauty industry. 


Alexis is not only a mentor and role model she embodies a multifaceted presence, leaving an enduring mark on the beauty landscape.  Alexis lives in Los Angeles, with her husband and business partner, David Thurston, and their two daughters. 

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