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Alexis is the Co-Founder of unique lifestyle brand Danger Jones. Launching in early spring 2023 Danger Jones is a creative combination of beauty, fashion, and media. The hair color line is being distributed in over 1200 stores across North America with Cosmo Prof, Armstrong McCall, and Modern Beauty.  Danger Jones is planning it's European expansion in the fall of 2023.  The fashion is currently sold directly through the Danger Jones website. 


Alexis is also known for being the co-founder of Pulp Riot, a professional hair color company she created with her husband in 2016.  What began in her salon, Butterfly Loft, grew to be the fastest growing hair color company in the history of the beauty industry.  In May 2018, L'Oreal purchased Pulp Riot and Alexis continued on as VP and in charge of all product creation until retiring on June 1st, 2021.  During her 5 years as VP of Pulp Riot, she created over 200 products.


Alexis is also the owner of Butterfly Loft Salon, a 4,300 square foot salon in Los Angeles. Because of the salon’s influence on today’s hair trends and home to dozens of talented stylists, Butterfly Loft is one of the most well-known and respected salons in the world.  It's also where all Danger Jones hair color products are tested and created.


As a hairstylist for 30 years, Alexis has won numerous awards and educated on stages across the world. She’s also an outspoken advocate for equal opportunities for women in the beauty industry. She has used her influence to become a mentor and role model to thousands of stylists who strive to build a successful career while balancing a family life. Alexis lives in Los Angeles with her husband and business partner, David Thurston and her two daughters, Bowie and Finley.

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